The majestic Lunargraph!

Extremely impressed by this installation, just gawk:

Lunar Trails from Seb Lee-Delisle on Vimeo.

Organised by the inimitable Seb Lee-Delisle for the Dublin Science Gallery, this is a high quality polargraph-style machine that plots the paths, in real time, of the lunar landers as controlled on the nearby full-size arcade cabinet!

This is a cracking piece of work, a beautiful, exciting collision of engineering and programming Рthanks to Seb for showing us what can be done with some string and pens!  I would really love to see some more stuff about the wonderful mechanical solutions that his mechanical engineer Paul Strotten came up with to realise this installation.

Lunar Trails Flickr gallery

Lunar Trails at the Dublin Science Gallery

2 thoughts on “The majestic Lunargraph!

  1. Amazing!

    I hope to incorporate something similar into a project I’m developing.

    Have you seen this?

    Interesting idea, using the power cables as suspension. Reminds me of Ingo Maurer’s seminal lighting fixture, Ya Ya Ho:
    The power cables for Ya Ya Ho didn’t move; I wonder if the power cables of Marek’s drawbot will break due to the constant un/furling… Can it be prevented?



    • Yes it makes a lot of sense to have it all in one little box rather than having wiring and motors plonked everywhere. Matt Venn ( has a drawing machine that has motors in the usual places, but uses the two steel lines to transmit power and signal for the pen lift. Somewhat of a hybrid I guess.

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