Small polargraph machine finished drawing my big goons face

This is my site and my project, my name is Sandy Noble. I am a programmer, a designer and a maker. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am from Newcastle upon Tyne originally. I run a very small company called Up To Much that I am using to bring some of my designs to market. I like machines and mechanisms, furniture and using modern industrial magic to create bespoke technology for individuals.

My development work is mostly documented at my personal site at www.euphy.co.uk, and I put a lot of stuff on flickr too. Naturally there are the requisite facebook and twitter (@uptomuch) things too.

You can also email me at sandy [!at] polargraph.co.uk if you’d like!

3 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Hey Sandy,

    I found your work via a website called DRAWindow (a tumbrlblog).
    Really fascinating!
    Right now I’m interested in drawing on glass, on your machine you used some kind of chalk-pen. What kind of pen is that?
    Thanks for your help!

    All the best for your work, I’ll stay updated.

    – Kati

    • Hi Kati, thanks! The pens I used were the Pentel Jumbo Wet Erase markers, with a chisel cut on the end so that only the bottom edge of the tip was against the glass. That was so any drips tended to flow down to the marking part rather than just dropping off into the air.

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