PolargraphSD: Touch screen controls

The PolargraphSD has a touch-screen interface.  It allows you to do a few neat things in standalone mode.

Functions are split up into a couple of menus:

Main menu

  • Lock and release the motors
  • Pause and resume running
  • Raise and lower the pen lift

and then buttons which will take you to other menus

  • Draw from SD
  • More…

Draw from SD allows you to browse the filenames of the files that are on the SD card (if there is one inserted), and choose one to draw.

More… present a couple of extra menus to adjust things.


  • Motor max speed and acceleration
  • Pen size
  • Pen position

Note if you insert or remove the SD card, then you more-or-less always need to reset it.  I would urge you not to do it while the USB cable is connected too – it seems to confuse it very much.