PolargraphSD: Connections

Connecting it all up.

I’m going to assume that you can make your own mind up about whether you want to connect it up to get it working before you mount it someplace awkward.  I would.

P1050369_c_p The picture above shows how the wires go together.  There honestly isn’t much to it.

The motor cables are keyed, and can’t go in the wrong way.

The pen lift servo can be plugged into the main unit the wrong way around. The signal wire for the servo is either white or yellow, and should be left-most, as shown above, and here:

P1050545_c_p P1050546_c_p

The pen lift servo motor comes with a 2 metre extension. The connection between the motor and the extension is keyed, but it’s possible to brute-force the connection even with my feeble strength. The correct way is also somewhat stiff, so it’s a bit of an unrewarding connection. If in doubt, they go this way:


Power and USB is straightforward.


The SD memory card slides in under the screen, with the label facing away from you.