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And there’s a Flickr Drawbots group too, that has some beautiful examples of what other folk have been doing with the Polargraph (and other machines).

I sell the art drawings that my polargraph machine makes.  Lots of people like these, and I am never happier than working on your commission – just drop me a line (sandy_dot_noble(!at]gmaildotcom), or have a look at my Etsy drawings shop page. One day I will have an automated system for quotations and things here on this site, but not yet.

Good images for drawing have no fine lines, and areas of graduated tones.  They are fairly low resolution, basically there’s a relationshop of 1 pixel  = 1 mm, so my source pictures are only 400-800 pixels wide.

The really interesting bits are the graduations, where the density changes, so actually low-contrast images work best, because then the graduations are shown off, otherwise there’s just lots of solid colour and blank lines, neither of which are that interesting.

My flickr site (http://www.flickr.com/photos/euphy/sets/72157626497662024/) has a bunch of pictures of drawings I’ve done, so you can see a few different styles.  A fat pen gives a totally different result to a fine pen, and colours, and mixture, or layers of colours can be used to great effect.  I’m still experimenting with all this, and am dead keen to have more things to experiment with.

Prices depend largely on how long the machine runs for, and the materials it uses, around £35 for a single-colour A3 drawing, £50 for an A2 and £75 for an A1, but each one is different.  A lower resolution drawing (large pen, large row) will take less time and be cheaper than a higher resolution one.  If it’s an original, I’ll do a test drawing and send you some pictures, and we can talk about what you think, and when it’s finished I can deliver worldwide for around £6 to £12. I’ll put it in a cardboard poster mailer and send it off to you.

Send me an image if you like, give me an idea of what size you’d like, have a think about what kind of framing you’re planning on, if any, and what kind of border you want around it, that kind of thing.  I can’t do any framing unless you’re very local, and then it’ll just be from the local framers.  I usually put these into IKEA frames because they are dead cheap and not all bad.

6 thoughts on “Drawings

  1. Good morning,

    I have come across you site via http://www.triangulationblog.com/ and would really like a custom drawing of my own.

    Essentially I would looking to provide you with an image, and if it was workable, you can decide the rest.

    I can produce the initial image in any format/resolution/contrast and I am happy to discuss any ideas you may have.

    Look forward to hearing from you,


    • Thanks Tim, that’s great! I’ve added a bunch of stuff to the page that might be helpful for others, but I’ve sent you an email too.

  2. Hi Sandy – I think we met at ‘Interesting’ over the summer. I was hoping to buy one of your lovely devices but dont see a link or mechanism to do this. Am I missing something?
    Thanks – Ben

    • Sure it’s mostly for fun, but there’s a handful of artists using Polargraph as a novel tool for rendering, and more who use it’s mechanical or automatic nature as a feature of the installation. There’s a couple of more “engineering” type applications too where Polargraph has been scaled up and used to outline designs for stage backgrounds (painted later), or for drawing out large format plans for cutting out (giant papercraft).

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