Parts come rolling in

What a lot of suppliers. I guess I’d forgotten about that.  I got a big batch of parts in the post on Friday, and just about kernackered myself carrying them home (big box of motors), but that’s just half of it.  The mail room people here are getting a bit cross I think.

Each kit is made up of two dozen items from eight different suppliers – lots to go wrong, so I’m a little nervous about it.

Box of fragrant laser cuttings has just landed on my desk.  Love that smell of lasered plywood. I’ve made a couple of improvements to the gondola, it’s got a wider front plate (stabiliser), and the hooks for the cords are now one piece rather than two glued together.  I added some little nodes so they locked together better, but now I’m nervous it’s too tight, so I’ll be shaving those off.  I was doing a very large drawing last night using this double-bearing gondola, and

Ordered a bunch of lovely little latching connectors last week, so the wiring harnesses will be much neater and not need screwing in.  Need to look at the suggested routing. I am going to supply one long (4ft) motor cable and one short one, on the basis that the arduino will be next to one of the motors.  If anyone is planning a bigger machine than 4ft wide, or if this is a stupid size, just let me know.

Still en route: Power supplies, cabling, 3D printed sprockets.  Oh, servo motors! Ha!