Polargraph on hiatus

The bad news is I’ve got no plans to restock. My day job has grown up and I’ve run out of capacity for this project, and I miss building things that aren’t Polargraph machines!

If you’re still in the mood for a drawing machine (and why wouldn’t you be?!) then I have long looked enviously at the work of Bart Dring (inventor of makerslide, buildlog.net, polarcoaster) who was making a beauty a little while back: https://twitter.com/buildlog/status/1131942367974576129 and is active on #plottertwitter and the drawingbots community on discord. Keep your eyes peeled for his work because it’s the best.

I have stopped making machines a few times before, and it hasn’t stuck so I might be back… But I’m not expecting it. I do have a fairly big stock of motor brackets left over, so drop me an email with your address if you’d like some.

I do have other projects that I want to work on and if you’re interested in what else I get up to in the future, please have a spy at my portfolio site at http://uptomuch.co.uk or follow me on twitter (@uptomuch). Of course you can email me any time too. I’m still as interested in drawing machines as I’ve ever been and will be supporting Polargraph for a while longer.