The case fits

I got some nice lasercut parts through today from nice-cuts. Nice cuts!

The case looks pretty good. I added 0.1mm to all the slots for tabs to go into. It does make for a slightly looser fit, but overall I’d rather a loose fit than a tight fit that will lead to cracking.

This is the second iteration of the case, and has a few extra hooks and holes to give mounting options. It’s getting quite close! Very exciting!

1 thought on “The case fits

  1. Sandy this is excellent job! Case looks beautiful.
    Now I’m during completing all necessary components. I already ordered PolarshieldSD v.3.1 from JLCPCB, ESP32, stepsticks, LCD, buck converter, motors and motor vibration isolators.

    Thank You very much for uploading new Gondola files on Your github. I derived components from .pdf file and will 3D print them – if You don’t mind.

    Here is my question for You Sandy- is it possible for You to share this beautiful job – file with case parts/dimensions? I would like to 3D print it because it looks sooo good. If You want, I can share with You output of my work. :)

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