Polargraph, back in action

Without much fanfare, I reopened for business last month! I had a waiting list, so gave those people first dibs before announcing it widely.

But the first dozen machines are delivered now, and I’ve just listed the next ten in the usual place:


In an embarrassing twist, I accepted the challenge of making some videos to show what the machine is, and how it goes together.

Oh, er, there’s more of my gurning fizzgog:

And just when you’d had enough … more:

Sorry about that.

5 thoughts on “Polargraph, back in action

  1. Awesome Clips buddy,
    I showed my class your clips and what you have made is simply amazing!
    The simplicity and sophistication just compliment each other so well!

    Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing the next post on your site.


  2. Hey.
    I would love to get you a waiting list for the next batch. Can I sign up please?


    • No problem, I’ll put you on the list. The next batch should be running in a couple of weeks… I need a break!

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