PolargraphSD cases solve the touchscreen static problem

It’s been obvious for a while that the touchscreen on the Polarshield is a bit unreliable. Every now and then, it is just unresponsive to touch, and it’s sometimes hard to coax it back into life.

(I believe this is a static electricity problem, to do with how the board is held when power is applied, the surface it is on, what kind of shoes I’m wearing, and probably the weather…)

I never have this problem while I’m using PolargraphSD machines in practice, because my machines always have a case.

PolargraphSD case parts

If you bought a Polarshield or a vitamin kit, and you’re having problems with your touch-screen, order one and it’ll probably fix it.

I’m selling these at more-or-less cost price.

There’s a new wiki page about it too, with some low quality photographs to guide the way!: