News nobody is surprised by: Polargraph building on hiatus!

Things have changed for me in since 2012 when I first started making Polargraph machines. My day job has changed and takes a lot more of my mental energy now. I miss having time to develop new aspects of Polargraph, and to work on new projects. I spend more time now looking after myself, getting my piano practice in, or running complaining about sore legs.

When I finished the most recent batch of Polargraph machines in June, I was collecting interest, and suggesting “July probably” for the next batch. That turned into “maybe August”, then “could be September or October”, and now I’m going with “perhaps 2017”.

The scale of each batch has increased each time, and led to a build becoming a fairly intense, time consuming process that disrupted, rather than complemented my life. At the same time, I’ve streamlined it to get more done in less time, and that’s led to it becoming more mechanical. Pleasurable in a way, but numbing in another way.

I’ve been able to do other projects in between, like my circuit portrait screen prints, and a bit of research and development on Polargraph hardware features like endstops, and the odd enhancement to the software. I’ve dared to play Rocket League recently, the wastefulness of which would have had me collapsed in paroxysms of guilt this time last year.

So if you’re waiting for a machine, then you might have to wait a long time. That said, I have got a new batch of PCBs on their way, and having those in stock usually prompts some activity in that direction. On the other hand, I’ve also got a Sinclair Spectrum Issue One circuitboard to print, and a TB-303 to trace, and a Gameboy and a NES to strip and scan, so there’s competition for attention.

9 thoughts on “News nobody is surprised by: Polargraph building on hiatus!

  1. Sandy, we will discuss later this month, you can’t do everything alone you need help, and you will have help ;)


  2. Oh no! Sorry to hear it – I’ve been / will be waiting for one. Thanks for the update though :)

    • MKD sorry but as the blog says, not right now. That said, I have just been in the studio today, soldering some boards up, so I’ve got about 40% of parts. Need to raise a bit of cash to get the rest. Slightly moving again :)

  3. Dang. Love what you’ve done Sandy. Truely. Got some hacks I’m itching to do to try going XXL, but in the same ‘time’ boat as you by the sounds of things ;-)

    Weirdly I never intended to shamelessly plug but it may be of use. Or not. We’re in Somerset.

    Nonetheless I’ll check back one day soon to see if there’s any shields going. Best of luck.

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