Updated firmware for Polarshield v1.2.2

Given recent discoveries, I wonder if the spate of recent touchscreen problems (see https://polargraph.co.uk/2015/10/touchscreen-issues/) are to do with the weird startup problem that I described in that post, OR to do with the base stupidity I displayed by including a in-development version of the polargraph_server_polarshield firmware.

It actually had USE_LCD turned off in it.

So that’ll make sense.

I’ve fixed it, rebuilt it and repackaged it and apologise if this made you mad.


An interesting discovery is that the newest version of Arduino IDE (1.6.6 – it’s only a week or two old) CANNOT compile Polargraph firmware. So, thanks Arduino dudes, for breaking everything again – it looks like two can play that game.

So use Arduino IDE v1.6.5. Until I figure out what’s screwed.


2 thoughts on “Updated firmware for Polarshield v1.2.2

  1. I’m sorry Sandy, but this has actually made me laugh out loud. That would explain why my screen started working again when I found that old image and uploaded it to my polargraph :)

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