Polargraph Pro Preview

Hello, I’m getting excited about the new Polargraph installation that’s been eating up all my time recently. IMG_20140327_160058025_HDR This is part an exhibition called Making It, itself a feature of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, and it’ll be running in the Grand Hall of the National Museum of Scotland, here in Edinburgh, for most of next month (April 2014).


I’m just putting some finishing touches to the machine and the control software.

There’ll be more of an update when it’s up and running.

3 thoughts on “Polargraph Pro Preview

  1. I remember when a polargraph was just two motors, some twine, and a pen, all held together with blue tack and prayers. This abomination looks as if it’s been bombarded with gamma radiation, and something’s made it angry! I’m kidding, of course, I’m all envy and admiration at the moment.

    BTW, I hope I never reach a level of maturity that prevents the phrase “Sandy’s Nook” from making me giggle.

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