New boards, and hack circus

Ha, so the good news is that I got the fixed v1.5 Polarshields back, and so far they are looking good.



Not properly tested the motors yet, but so far, so good.

I’m going to be away for a week though so I am not going to have much time to work on this.  One of the things I’ll being doing next Sunday is showing a different project at a Hack Circus event in London.

Linear Clock is like a circular clock, but unrolled.  It’s a project from a while ago that I recently revived, and I’ll be doing a show and tell.



That’s Sunday, 6th of October, between 2 in the afternoon and 6 o’clock in the evening. It’s in the back bar of the Star of Kings pub, Kings Cross, London.  Tickets can only be bought ahead of time at this site, and I think it’ll be a lot of funny, as well as jolly interesting.

Please come along and see what happens, if you like technology, speculation, funny things, theremins, the phenomenal Sarah Angliss, or chat with brainy folks.  It will be lovely to meet you.

New boards No.

So I was excited to get the sample for the “final” version of the polarshield v1.5 through today, very nice… Except I noticed it only had traces on one side of the board!  No traces on the bottom!


To have a board made, I produce a bunch of files, each one containing information about one layer of the board – silkscreen printing, soldermask, copper traces, cutting outline, drill holes etc – and zip them up (they’re also on github).   I raced to check the files I had sent, and – crestfallen – spotted that I’d somehow managed to miss the bottom copper files.

Infuriating! The wasted money stings a bit, but the main penalty is that production is knocked back another two weeks, and it’s already been too long.  I’m getting anxious, and making stupid mistakes like that really doesn’t help.