New boards ho

Well that’s a nice surprise – the new v1.4 boards work!  I shouldn’t be surprised I guess, since they are just the 1.3 boards with less stuff on, but it’s always nice when something just works.


I had a thought when soldering this up though: Because the pins for motor A protrude through the board, they need to be filed down and insulated so that they don’t short against the housing of the USB-B connector on the arduino underneath (a blog about it).  This is a pain, and in principle (if not in practice), makes for a weaker connection.  This has never been a problem for building the full kit, because the arduino mega I use has a mini-USB connector, but for everyone else (and all the vitamin kit parts), it’s a glaring issue.

So I think I will swap motor A with motor C, so that by default, for polargraph, that filing doesn’t need to be done.  Will still be wise to put a bit of electrical tape on it because it could still contact, given the right pressure.

Motor C was added because I had the space, and also because I have a few plans for things that might like to have a third axis of control.  The parts for motor C will be unpopulated by default, for Polargraph products anyway.

So, I think I’m immediately going to revise this to swap A and C, but also I might try to move the servo and endstop pins, and add some more lights.  I’ve got all these LEDs to use up!

Another fortnight for v1.5.

Studio tenants show on this month

The building where I have my studio has a exhibition of work on all through August, so I’m in it too.  I’ve got a cabinet of jewellery and a polargraph drawing!  Why don’t you come and see it?


My photograph is dismal, the reality is better.  I might have some live drawing at some point, but I failed to move fast enough (and ran out of parts) to get it sorted out for the launch.

I’ll be at the preview tonight, Friday 2nd of August at Arts Complex, St Margaret’s House, 151 London Road Edinburgh EH7 6AE, but the show runs all month, and there’s three massive galleries of stuff across a range of budgets, so call in. My stuff is in Gallery 3.

If you want to come down, drop me a line and I can come and meet you! And show you some other stuff if you want to see it.  Or not, if you don’t want to, that’s fine too.