New updates come to UNO

Well, the 1.6x code compiles fine on an UNO after all.  I just didn’t have one to test on before today, only Duemilanoves.  SO, it doesn’t fit on a Duemilanove, but it does fit on an UNO ok.

Updates in this version:

  • v1.62 Firmwares: Fix significant problem that caused vector move to lose steps, and the image to chase itself up the page.  That wasn’t cool.  Anyway, I could only replicate the issue with the _mega firmware, but have rolled the “fix” (such as it was) into the _polarshield and _a1 branch too.
  • v1.5 Controller: Can rotate webcam image, also show live feed, and flip.

There’s a bit of beta stuff in the _mega firmware (1.7a) and the controller about a new rove-render drawing style.  It works like the norwegian pixel in that it reads a bitmap off the SD card and will “behave” all over it.  It uses the penlift, and it probably the most annoying thing I’ve ever witnessed.  Do not try it if you value your sanity.

— EDIT – I’d forgotten to put the actual precompiled controller app in the zip, duh, it’s there now, sorry about that folks.

— EDIT – I’d forgotten to MAKE IT WORK, so there’s a 1.63 out now.  This is an update for polargraph_server_a1 ONLY.

12 thoughts on “New updates come to UNO

  1. Cool, thanks for adding webcam rotate! However, the controller application folder in the bundle seems empty? Having a hard time running the processing source as it tells me I’m missing some libraries.

    • Er, that wasn’t very clever eh, I’ll have another go shortly. Which libraries are missing? They should all be in the zip. But then, the compiled versions should be in the zip too, so go figure…

  2. The libraries are there, I just forgot to put the diewald CV kit library in my processing libraries folder, whoopsy. Still getting error messages tho, trying to run the processing source, but it’s probably something on my side..I’m running processing 1.5.1

    • Right, I have just re-uploaded the zip, with the app in place this time (fingers crossed). Yep I use Processing 1.5.1 and the versions of the libraries in the zip. Should be newest (generally), but I haven’t updated to the new controlp5 yet. I’m getting some nasty errors to do with the webcam on a couple of systems, and not quite sure the best way to handle that. If you can’t get it running, let me know!

  3. I noticed that EEPROMAnything.h is not in the sketch folder.
    After copying the code from the arduino website the sketch seems to be too big for my arduino nano.
    I am currently working on exchanging the adafruit motor library(which is useless if you are using other drivers) with the SD library so the nano can draw as fast as the mega. Long way to go…

    • Ah, yes EEPROMAnything, pesky thing. Did you just put it in the sketch folder? I tried a couple of things to try and figure out where it needed to be to actually work, and am no clearer now about it’s proper place. Obviously eventually I forgot about it…
      I’m not sure where the increase in size has come from to be honest – accelstepper has seen a bit of change, so it’ll be a wee bit bigger, and the penlift stuff is a touch bigger too, so maybe it’s as simple as that. Yep, AFMotor is great but obviously only useful for adafruit shields. Have a squint at Matt Venn’s firmware for his drawing machine – he has sd card integrated, using a minimal FAT library (rather than the standard arduino SD library, which is a stinker of a size).

      • I just put the file in the sketch folder. It should not be a problem on other boards but for an uno or nano it is just too much code. Do you have a link for Matt Venn’s firmware? I searched his website and github but could’nt find anything.
        By the way, the controller is not working for me either. I’m running Win8 64bit. The processing code is also returing errors.

        • What’s the problem with the controller? I’m running win8 64 bit too, but I have 32 bit java installed, so the 32 bit precompiled app works ok.

          • Thanks for the link!
            Using the wires of the gondola to power the servo is a great idea. Maybe ill put some information about my dawbot on the forum. The results were better than I expected but the cheap chinese motors quit working last month. So I have to use real Motors and drivers for the next attempt.
            Regarding the software:
            I already tried other computers. Same thing with windows 7. Compatibility or admin-mode dont work either. The program even creates its properties file but wont open. The older version works perfectly fine.

            • Hm that’s annoying. If I run the 64 bit version that happens, where the properties file is generated, but then, nothing. But the 32 bit ver works ok. Does it run from source?

            • EDIT – I’ve just reinstalled my windows system and neither 32 bit nor 64 bit versions worked. Until I installed quicktime (urgh) and WinVDIG. Then 32 bit started working. I’m going to take the video stuff out of the controller, it’s too much hassle.

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