Just a preview of the quality of scribbling that you will encounter if you stumble past the Polargraph stall at the Mini Maker Faire in Edinburgh next weekend.

New polargraph experiments

The portrait is created from a webcam video feed, is A5 sized, and takes about 10 or 15 minutes.  I’ve added functions to do that, and to control it with a wireless gamepad to the controller so you can stand back. I was going to do a whole page feed thing, but one thing didn’t lead to another (though I have a dismembered printer here as evidence of trying).

I’ve also been updating the github project rather than the google code SVN repo.  Still getting used to github.  Github for windows seldom works for me, but tortoisegit is doing ok.  This project now requires JMyron, Diewald CV kit and Procontroll as dependencies.

The other drawing on that image is an export of an image created with Abel Dewitz’s beautiful Silk Blossom processing sketch.  I would love to have something like that algorithm built in as a polargraph roving feature.