Polargraph at the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire

So I’m going to have a couple of machines running at the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire, which is on on the 7th of April, 2013 at Summerhall in Edinburgh.  I hope to have one or two big slow machines that will be drawing all day, and a little, webcam-driven machine that will be drawing quick (ish) portraits for anybody who wants them.

If you’re in Edinburgh, please come along, and get a scribble that looks somewhat like you! Needless to say, there’s lots of other exciting things afoot at the Faire too, even if drawing machines don’t float your boat (what’s wrong with you?!).

I’m not exhibiting at the main Maker Faire in Newcastle at the end of April, but I will probably be attending, and am hoping to meet up with a few folks then.  If anyone is planning on being around, drop me a line.


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