Vector sprites – aka WRITING

A major new feature sprang up over the weekend, and it’s actually one of the things that was immediately desirable when this project started over a year ago. 

PolargraphSD can now draw vector sprites.  These are little fragments of vector art saved into their own files, they are executed by a new command (C39) that specifies where on the machine they should be drawn and at what size.  It works as a kind of macro.  The first application is writing:

In this case I’ve made up 26 files, each with a letter form in it.  I specify the active area using the controller and a starting point where to draw the first letter, then feed in a load of text.  Lines wrap until the active area is full.

This uses the rove area as the demarcation for it’s operations.  The rove area is not entirely a new thing, but it’s never really worked before.  It’s really nothing more than a safe, cartesian area to behave in and it’s specified as simply as dragging a box in the controller and sending it to the machine. It’s going to be important for future standalone functions where the machine will be given free rein to draw or scribble or otherwise fill in this rove area.  It’s called a rove area because the machine is free to rove anywhere in it.

I’ve committed the code I’ve done already, but there’s still a little bit of work to do before putting out a full new compiled version, so that’ll happen later in the week.

2 thoughts on “Vector sprites – aka WRITING

  1. Did not see this coming – – *ponders the possibilities*

    You’re going to be SUPER nice and give us your font to play with, right? ‘Cuz that’s just the kind of guy you are.( That, and because it would be good to see how you formatted the files.) I promise I’ll make one too – – everyone likes Comic Sans, right? ;-)

    • Sorry to say there’s actually a fundamental technical issue that means that the polargraph is incompatible with comic sans. If it detects comic sans, then it will just turn off entirely, and expel tiny robot tears.

      I’ll hopefully get the last couple of problems ironed out this week, and then upload the font files along with a new numbered release.

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