Quick controller update for those whose problems are hanging

I’ve just uploaded a new version of the controller.  It has one new feature, and that’s a built-in java console.  If you press “C” in the controller, the console will pop up, and start echoing out all the internal messages and things that are useful while debugging.

This is really aimed at Kongorilla and Gensior who have been bumping into a problem that makes their machine lock up.  It will also be useful with general debugging, reporting faults etc.  The firmware is actually fairly verbose, so often gives some insight into what it thinks you’ve asked it to do – should you care to look.  Normally this is visible in the console if you run the app from the Processing IDE, but if you run from the binaries, all this juicy goodness gets lost.

If you aren’t having any issues, then it’s not important that you update.  The only other fix in this is to remove escape as a key that will close the app.  That’s just a little too close for comfort.

EDIT- I have just incorporated a minor firmware fix into the zip that fixes this hanging problem in some cases.  I will continue to work on getting a proper fix.  Thanks to Kongorilla and Gensior for working with me on testing this. (details).

Mac downloadWindows download

or update direct from the SVN.

2 thoughts on “Quick controller update for those whose problems are hanging

  1. Sweet, thanks for that. This will be a good way to learn what the controller thinks it’s doing when it starts acting crazy.

  2. The “Esc” key thing is good as well, thanks. I use dual monitors and frequently forget which window has focus. I’ve ended up cursing like the dad in “A Christmas Story” a few times.

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