Faster vector drawing

Have just committed a few firmware updates that make vector drawing much faster.  It runs at your maximum speed now, so you might want to tone it down a little – big moves can get quite violent.

I have implemented some very rudimentary braking / acceleration to make it a bit smoother.  Beforehand, small moves especially were very jerky.

That update is firmware only, and for polargraph_server_a1 as well as polargraph_server_polarshield, get the source code or the precompiled hex:

PolargraphSD users will also find that their touchscreens go blank after half an hour. Don’t worry, it’s just a screensaver, and it’ll come back on when you touch it or send a command.


2 thoughts on “Faster vector drawing

  1. Just updated…I didn’t bother slowing things down…I like the ray gun “pew-pew” sounds 1cm straight lines make on my machine. Long straight lines are disconcertingly fast, but they were accurate and the motors didn’t miss steps, so I don’t plan to slow down at the moment. Good fun!

    • The sound of the machine is one of my favourite things, and I was so disappointed when vectors turned out to sound so awful when I first did them. This makes them musical again!

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