Polargraph and Rasterbator – a slow but beautiful relationship

I remember seeing the provocatively-named rasterbator ages ago, but was reminded of it again when Morbo linked to some work he’s done on the forum, (his pic is here¬†– I can’t embed it from flickr).

I jumped on the bandwagon with my mooning and it came out really nice – the coarse resolution of the polargraph suits this kind of half-toning very well.

Polargraph moon 2

Read the whole thread for some interesting experiments.  Thanks to all involved.

Kongorilla did make the point that running this in a tethered mode (as opposed to from an SD card) is deadly slow, and that’s made me look again at implementing a native circular pixel style, so look for that some time soon, hopefully for UNO-sized arduinos.

2 thoughts on “Polargraph and Rasterbator – a slow but beautiful relationship

  1. Hey Sandy,
    I’m always checking this page and enjoy reading the updates. Having a circular pixel naively for the UNO would be awesome. Thanks for all the innovation.

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