Two great builds

Morbo posted in the forum with a link to some great pics of his drawbot build.  I especially like the name “politzler” – which is maybe a kind of polite scrawler, or maybe a police scrawler, I can’t decide.

(I would insert a pic but they’re all rights reserved – just go and look at Morbo’s flickr set covering the build – cracking stuff, and see the delta bot pics too.  Dead jel.)

Secondly, just saw this one today – very impressive build from Dealywhopper based on a old board trolley thingy – what a perfect adaptation!  Brilliant write-up and so true: “Operating it is really more of a zen exercise, sort of like watching a plant grow.”

I admit though, my favourite part is on this other project that is written-up on Dealywhopper’s site: This monstrous stand for a dishwasher.  I laughed out loud, that last, terrifyingly familiar line:

“It’s certainly not the most practical piece of furniture we have.  Actually, it’s downright ridiculous, but I like it, and we’re sure as hell not getting rid of it, because it was a bastard to make.”

And the picture where the item is in situ, utterly dwarfing everything else around it is just gold.  Go and read it and encourage the building of more dealywhoppers.