v1.0.4 – Image loading fixes and serial port selector

Hello, another wee update to the controller.  Main thing is a serial port selector.  I have only tested this on my machine here, with a couple of ports, so am a bit anxious about how well it’ll work on others, particularly macs.

So now every bit of configuration can be done from inside the app rather than needing to edit the properties files.  That’s good news.

I fixed a couple of other little pesky things, and hopefully the issues with selecting areas that aren’t there, or fall off the edge of the machine.


There’s still an issue with loading images when there’s no page.  So before you load an image, make a page using the setup tab->page width, page height, page y pos and then centre page. Don’t think the size matters.

Then load your image, then move image to the middle of the page, _then_ do some resizing etc.

Image resizing is now done with a numberspinner rather than with the “fit to box” method.  I think this is a bit more sensible.

Binaries:  http://code.google.com/p/polargraph/downloads/list

And code: http://code.google.com/p/polargraph/source/browse/#svn%2Fcontroller%2Fbranches%2Fpolargraphcontroller_zoom


15 thoughts on “v1.0.4 – Image loading fixes and serial port selector

  1. Hey Sandy,
    It works! kind of. I sent you a link to a private youtube video just showing what was going on. So, sorry about the dorky video but i though it may be easier than trying to explain. Thanks,

    • No that’s great Matt, thanks, I managed to replicate the same issue, but also managed to fix it. Your issue (I hope) is that you’re still using the old properties file that has no page specified – Either add a page or just delete your properties file and it’ll regenerate next time you start the app. Fixes it for me.

      • The program looks and works great! Thank you. I need to take it home, hook it up, let it go and get some drawing action going on.

  2. Hi Sandy, I keep getting this error when I run the controler:
    Cannot find class or type named “radio”
    And it hilights this line in the controlesActions file:
    Radio r = cp5.addRadio(“radio_serialPort”,10,10);
    Any idea what it could be?

    • I have a good guess that it might be that you are using a newer version of ControlP5 than I am. I’m running with 0.5.4 from 2010, but I know development has continued since then, but with no proper release. Radio is actually deprecated, but it’s so much easier to use than the new RadioButton that I used it anyway. Please let me know if this is the issue.

      • Yes that was the problem, all working now, another great update. I thought it was to do with controlP5, but never considered the vershion.

        The vector drawing is just incredible, I did the most imposibly complicated image today, took just over 12 hours to complete and it was only A3,came out absolutely perfect, not a line out of place.

        • Adam, great stuff – any chance of sharing it? I’m yet to use vectors for anything very challenging – would love to see something complicated!

  3. Hi Sandy,

    thanks for sending me those parts in the post! I’m almost there I think ( I hope!)

    I’m having a few issues with the software at the moment, Everything seemed to be running smoothly, but on the Polargraph controller (_zoom) it says “polargraph not connected.”

    I believe I have all the folders and elements in the right places in arduino, but when i click serial monitor no information comes up. Would you know why this is?

    I’m afraid I’m not the greatest with coding etc but have scoured the internet for answers and had no luck (im not really sure what im looking for!) so any help would be really appreciated.

    all the best,


    PS. Sharpie Skull 895- is seriously awesome, I need to get drawing!

    • Thanks Rory, great to hear!

      The forum is a better place to look for a hand, but first of all, have you managed to get the polargraph_server code uploaded to the arduino? That’s the polargraph_server_a1.ino code file you can get from http://polargraph.googlecode.com/svn/embedded/trunk/polargraph_server_a1.ino.

      Follow the instructions at http://www.instructables.com/id/Polargraph-Drawing-Machine/step8/Electronics-Arduino/ if not. If so, then that’s more of a puzzle, because to upload it, you need to have your serial port working, and if that’s working, then you should be able to watch it with the port monitor. I would get it working, and broadcasting “READY” in the arduino environment first before worrying about getting the controller to connect to it.


      • So I worked out the problem, very simple one!

        Basically in the Arduino software i selected the wrong board so it was connecting, the correct board for the seeeduino is Arduino Duemilanove w/ ATmega 328.

        After sorting this out, everything has worked fine, the beast is alive!

        Just need to sort out a slicker lasercut gondola to get the accuracy of the pen up. I also may need to order some spare sprockets (I’ll email you about this at some point no doubt)

        One more thing, thanks for updating the instructables, its helped a lot!


  4. Hey Sandy,

    This is Bob from Instructables. I was the guy posting all the questions over there. I just wanted to let you know I tried out this version and I can open images OK now. Thank you.

    I’m still waiting on my stepper motors and other stuff, so it will be some time before I can actually test it all out for real. Thanks for everything! Can’t wait to start getting some drawings done :)

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