5 thoughts on “Everything stops for tsp.

  1. Cool! Reminds me of brain coral. Or just brains. Mmm…brains.

    Super-ultra-maxi-funky bonus points if the resultant drawing is a maze. ; )

      • 1. Create a BIG drawing using a thick pen to make an amazing path for a line following robot. (One that can do very tight turns, that is).

        2. Have the line following robot record the path as it travels along it.

        3. Attach a pen to the line following robot, have it replay the path over a new “canvas” to reproduce the original drawing.

  2. Hi Sandy
    Lol My wife calls you my pinpal. Anywho, I got my draw on and it’s lookn’ good.
    Just a couple of Q,s. First of all, how did you that sweet style of drawing? And if you get some free time, can you explain what all the buttons mean, like I don’t know “set frame”, “select frame”, or the “draw” buttons.
    Also the whole vector thing is new to me. I know what it is but not how to use it or incorporate it into the polargraph-controller. No rush, but if get a chance it would be nice. Thanks a bunch

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