Resize images!

Just committed a couple of changes to the controller, the most significant is that you can now select an area (using the box1/box2) and then click “Resize image” and your loaded bitmap will stretch or squash to fit horizontally into your selection box. Don’t forget to save to properties after you’ve done it though, if you want to keep it.

Other little changes:

  • Names of buttons.  Box1 / Box2 is now Select TopLeft / Select BotRight.
  • New outlines.  Not actually new, but haven’t had their own button for a while.  Bottom section of the buttons panel on F1.  I put these back in because I’ve been battling with a new pixel direction choosing algorithm on the embedded side and they were going all over the place. Draw grid of box draws an empty grid over the area you’ve selected. Draw outline box isn’t new, but it’s been moved.  It just draws to all four points of the selection box.  You can use this to test if you have good geometry on your machine.  Draw outline rows draws a line around each row you have in your selection area.  Draw outline pixels draws a line around each pixel you have in your drawing area.
  • Fixed problem where it would crash if the top-left corner of the image was to the right, or further down of the selection box top-left.
As usual, this code is available from the Polargraph code repository.