Controller updates

I’ve just committed a couple of little updates to the controller software that will make things easier for you all.

  1. IMAGE LOADER!!  Finally, don’t know why I didn’t do it ages ago.  It was easy.
  2. Import / export command queue.  This is so that you can edit your command queue by hand if you want do do something funky.  Combine portions of a drawing, that kind of thing
  3. Picture frame is now useful.  Those four coloured circles you see are the picture frame.  I use them as a guide to where to click when I want to be able to select the same area lots of time.  Well, now there’s two buttons, one that sets the picture frame to be the same as the current selected box (save selection), and the other that just draws a selection box, based on the picture frame (select frame).  Useful.
  4. The information overlay can be toggled on or off with the “I” key.
  5. The pixels are now automatically recalculated after moving the image.  Don’t have to re-select the box to prompt it.
  6. mmPerRev and stepsPerRev are now stored in the properties file rather than hardcoded.  They are NOT uploaded to the machine though.
Download it at the repository.