Parts update

Kits are getting halfway finished!  Crimping cables is a pain.  A PAIN.  Look at my bleeding fingers. MAR BLEEDIN’ FINGAHS!

Ahem. Right, next time round, I’m figuring out a better way to make wiring harnesses up.  Or maybe just buying the right sized wires or something.

In other news, have made a batch of gondolas up, and tested a couple, with beautiful results.  Best ever actually.  And I know I said today was going to be instructions day, well, what I meant was it was going to be taking photographs for instructions day.

Instructions day is tomorrow.  These kits are going to rock the house.

More controller updates

Each page now has a different set of buttons, which does mean that the list doesn’t drop off the bottom so often.  I’m aiming to be able to fit this onto a netbook screen, and it doesn’t quite right now.

Machine, image and page settings are now specified in a properties file instead of hard-coded into the program.  This properties file (called “” lives in the sketch folder, and will be created if it doesn’t exist already, so there’s nothing new to do.

To load an image, change the filename in the properties file.  This means that there’s nothing that you need to change in the code anymore, which is nice.  That means it can be packaged as an .exe rather than needing processing to run in.

I have a feeling that this external file will be a spanner in the works if this application ever gets embedded in a webpage as an applet, because I think applets aren’t allowed to make files and things in the browser environment.  Hey, I should try it, and embed the software here so anyone can play with it.

As usual, you can download the latest code from the SVN repository at

New controller updates

New interface for the controller.  I’ve made it resizable, and most of the stuff in the top-left in case of little screens.

Still a problem when the buttons fall off the bottom, and still a problem when the machine is bigger than the screen.  Another day!